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139th Street Quartet, 139th Street Quartet
Agnew, Shaun Shaun Agnew
Alsbury, Sylvia Sylvia Alsbury
Ames, Morgan Morgan Ames
Anderson, Norma Norma Anderson
Armstrong, Steven Steven Armstrong
Arns Jr., James James Arns Jr.
Arns, Jim Jim Arns
Avener, George George Avener Contact Holly Beck at
Backwell, Greg Greg Backwell
Barbershop Harmony Society Barbershop Harmony Society
Beck, Brian Brian Beck
Beers, Peter Peter Beers
Benson, Pete Pete Benson
Bergman, Nancy Nancy Bergman
Bescos, Joni Joni Bescos
Bexelius, Joel Joel Bexelius
Biebl, Franz Franz Biebl
Biffle, Bill Bill Biffle
Black, Jordan Jordan Black
Black, Ron Ron Black
Bluegrass Student Union Bluegrass Student Union
Bober, John John Bober
Bock, Adam Adam Bock
Bockus, Jerry Jerry Bockus
Bohn, Bob Bob Bohn
Bram, Ben Ben Bram
Breedon, Sam Sam Breedon
Briner, Dave Dave Briner
Brittain, Kim Kim Brittain
Brockman, John John Brockman
Brown, Sherry Sherry Brown
Busby, Bill Bill Busby
Calvin, Dot Dot Calvin
Campbell, Rob Rob Campbell
Campbell, Tom Tom Campbell
Cappuccio, Ron Ron Cappuccio
Cardoso, Arline Arline Cardoso
Carrington, Simon Simon Carrington If ordering "That Lonesome Road," go to the arranger URL on the site and then order the 25th Anniversary Jubilee. This contains the SATB arrangement.
Chase, Walter Walter Chase
Chesnokov, Pavel Pavel Chesnokov
Chilcott, Bob Bob Chilcott
Clancy, Jim Jim Clancy
Cluett, Wally Wally Cluett
Coffman, Mary Mary Coffman
Cogley, Tim Tim Cogley
Cokeroft, Gene Gene Cokeroft
Collins, Farris Farris Collins
Connett, Floyd Floyd Connett
Consort, Boston Boston Consort
Corcoran, Linda Linda Corcoran
Craig, adapted by Rich Hasty, Renee Renee Craig, adapted by Rich Hasty
Craig, Renee Renee Craig Please contact Holly Beck at
Dale, Aaron Aaron Dale
Dale, June June Dale
DeCrow, De De DeCrow
Deisroth, Dan Dan Deisroth
Delehanty, Steve Steve Delehanty
di Lasso, Orlando Orlando di Lasso
Diekema, Willis Willis Diekema
Dinham, K.J. K.J. Dinham
Disney, Bob Bob Disney
Dixon, Todd Todd Dixon
Dowma, Bob Bob Dowma
Driscoll, Dennis Dennis Driscoll
Droegmuller, Chris Chris Droegmuller
Drown, Darin Darin Drown
Dubray, Gil Gil Dubray
E.C. Schirmer Publishing E.C. Schirmer Publishing
Ebersole, Dave Dave Ebersole
Embury, Phil Phil Embury Phil arranged "You Tell Me Your Dream" from the Barberpole Cat Book
Engebretson, Stan Stan Engebretson
Farrell, Katie Katie Farrell
Finetti, Dom Dom Finetti
Fonseca, Mando Mando Fonseca
Forbes, Joanna Joanna Forbes
Foris, Russ Russ Foris
Four Harmonizers Four Harmonizers
Fullmer, Ardeth Ardeth Fullmer Contact the Barbershop Harmony Society for sheet music to "My Cup Runneth Over With Love"
Gallagher, Matt Matt Gallagher
Garnett, Liz Liz Garnett
Gawthrop, Daniel Daniel Gawthrop
Gellert, Michael Michael Gellert
Gentry, Tom Tom Gentry
Giallombardo, Jay Jay Giallombardo
Gibbins, Craig Craig Gibbins
Gill, Michael Michael Gill
Goldstein, Grant Grant Goldstein
Gordon, Alan Alan Gordon
Graham, Brent Brent Graham
Graham, Jason Jason Graham
Gray, Bobby Bobby Gray
Gray, Don Don Gray
Griffith, Ryan Ryan Griffith VocalCuts
Grimmer, Wayne Wayne Grimmer
Haeger, Buzz Buzz Haeger
Hale, Mark Mark Hale
Hamblet, Will Will Hamblet
Handel, George Frideric George Frideric Handel You can also do an internet search to purchase this sheet music
Harrington, David David Harrington StudioDH
Hart, Paul Paul Hart The arrangement used for Seaside Rendezvous was converted into a male arrangement. Please purchase the sheet music from the King's Singers Catalogue and contact Tim for details regarding the small changes to accommodate male voices.
Hasty, Rich Rich Hasty Rich Hasty passed away in July of 2008. The email address provided here is Rich's wife, Kristin.
Hatton, Ken Ken Hatton
Henry, Jim Jim Henry
Hicks, Theo Theo Hicks
Hicks, Val Val Hicks
Hine, Clay Clay Hine
Hine, Melody Melody Hine
Hogan, Moses Moses Hogan
Hohl, John John Hohl
Holmes, Sharon Sharon Holmes
Holmstrom, Lars Lars Holmstrom
Hopkins, Rob Rob Hopkins
Howson, Andrew Andrew Howson
Huff, Mac Mac Huff
Huff, Mack Mack Huff
Interstate Rivals Interstate Rivals
Israel, Marty Marty Israel
Jamieson, Rae Rae Jamieson
Jamison, Steve Steve Jamison
Jennings, Joseph Joseph Jennings Sheet Music for "In The Bleak MidWinter" is available at this link:
Jennings, Mark Mark Jennings
Johnson, Jeremey Jeremey Johnson
Johnson, Joe Joe Johnson
Jones, Bob Bob Jones
Josephson, Alan Alan Josephson
Kahlke, Jim Jim Kahlke
Keller, Kevin Kevin Keller
Kilby, Shelton Shelton Kilby
Kimball, Curt Curt Kimball
King, Eric Eric King
King, Fred Fred King
Kinnison, Charlie Charlie Kinnison
Kitzmiller, Scott Scott Kitzmiller
Kneeland, Dick Dick Kneeland
Knight, Mel Mel Knight
Krigström, Rasmus Rasmus Krigström
Lambert, Alex Alex Lambert
Latzko, Walter Walter Latzko
Levine, Alan Alan Levine
Lewellen, Richard Richard Lewellen
Lewis, Gary Gary Lewis
Liles, Joe Joe Liles
Loebakka, Richard Richard Loebakka
Loebbaka, Richard Richard Loebbaka
Long, Bob Bob Long
Lyne, Greg Greg Lyne
Maddux, David David Maddux
Malone, Dennis Dennis Malone
Mannherz, Joe Joe Mannherz
Maples, Hal Hal Maples
Mastrull, Brian Brian Mastrull
McAlexander, Patrick Patrick McAlexander
McGlynn, Michael Michael McGlynn
Miller, Doug Doug Miller
Miller, Justin Justin Miller
Minshall, Joey Joey Minshall
Mitchell, Bill Bill Mitchell
Mitchell, William William Mitchell
Moon, Earl Earl Moon
Nasto, Tony Tony Nasto
Nicholas, Jon Jon Nicholas For Little Saint Nick, order from the Barbershop Harmony Society
Nighthawks Nighthawks
O'Connell, Bob Bob O'Connell
Olguin, Paul Paul Olguin
Oliver, Betty Betty Oliver Contact 1-800-992-SING to speak to the Music Services Department at Sweet Adeline International for the arrangement of "Come In From The Rain"
Ordaz, Phil Phil Ordaz
Parker, Gary Gary Parker
Parker, Tom Tom Parker
Payne, Roger Roger Payne
Perkins, Carl Carl Perkins
Perry, Lou Lou Perry
Peterson, Chris Chris Peterson
Phelps, David David Phelps
Plumb, Steve Steve Plumb
Pope, Jeremiah Jeremiah Pope Jeremiah's sheet music for "Not While I'm Around" does not totally match the version that Tim recorded.
Prietto, Carole Carole Prietto
Puerling, Gene Gene Puerling To purchase music for "Where Is Love," please visit:
Quick, Jonathan Jonathan Quick
Ray, Robert Robert Ray
RC Music RC Music (Holly Beck represents the following arrangers: Renee Craig, Brian Beck, Greg Volk, Joni Bescos, Nick Papageorge, George Avener, and Mo Rector)
Rector, Mo Mo Rector
Reimnitz, Adam Adam Reimnitz
Rekhop, Al Al Rekhop
Rhea, Ruby Ruby Rhea Email Ken Potter for Ruby Rhea arrangements.
Richards, Dave Dave Richards
Rodde, James James Rodde
Roose, Kirk Kirk Roose
Rose, Patrick Patrick Rose Purchase "Three Kings" Sheet Music directly at
Rubino, Jerry Jerry Rubino
Rund, Bob Bob Rund
Rund, Robert Robert Rund
Rupay, Pete Pete Rupay
Rutherford, Joel T. Joel T. Rutherford
Sametz, Steven Steven Sametz
Sando, Tom Tom Sando
Sauls, Arthur Arthur Sauls
Schmidt, Carolyn Carolyn Schmidt
Schubert, Franz Franz Schubert
Scott, Adam Adam Scott
Second Edition Second Edition
Sellers, Bev Bev Sellers
Shannon, Terry Terry Shannon
Sharon, Deke Deke Sharon
Shaw, Kirby Kirby Shaw
Shaw, Robert Robert Shaw
Siegal, Alan Alan Siegal
Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra The Rat Pack The legend.
Smail, Ron Ron Smail
Smith, Jason Jason Smith
Sozio, Peter Peter Sozio
Spencer, Rick Rick Spencer
Spiecker, Joe Joe Spiecker Joe Spiecker 314 Midfield Drive Ambler PA 19002 267-767-3190
Stauffer, Bill Bill Stauffer
Steinkamp, Lloyd Lloyd Steinkamp
Stevens, Dave Dave Stevens
Stevens, James James Stevens
Swann, Matt Matt Swann
Sweet Adelines International Sweet Adelines International
Szabo, Burt Burt Szabo
Taylor, Jeff Jeff Taylor
Taylor, Mike Mike Taylor
The Blenders The Blenders
The Imperials The Imperials
Thompson, Randall Randall Thompson
Tice, Dan Dan Tice
Tramack, Steve Steve Tramack
Triplett, Larry Larry Triplett
Turnbull, Scott Scott Turnbull
Uhr, Vicki Vicki Uhr
Vagabonds, Vagabonds
Van Deusen, David David Van Deusen
Vaughan Williams, Ralph Ralph Vaughan Williams
Vidal, Judy Judy Vidal
Volk, Greg Greg Volk
Waesche, Ed Ed Waesche
Wallace, David David Wallace
Watson, Barb Barb Watson
Webb, Marshall Marshall Webb You can obtain sheet music for "Moondance" at this address:
Wessler, Dan Dan Wessler
Whitacre, Eric Eric Whitacre
Wikstrom, Johan Johan Wikstrom
Williamson, Dave Dave Williamson To purchase "All Rise" - you can purchase the book, Voices.
Wohlers, Soren Soren Wohlers
Wolfe, Ethan Ethan Wolfe
Wood, Dale Dale Wood
Wright, David David Wright
Wright, Larry Larry Wright
Wyatt, Bill Bill Wyatt
Wyatt, W.A. W.A. Wyatt
York, Shawn Shawn York
Young, Kirk Kirk Young