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  • Complete Track Package (13 tracks)
  • Full Mix Only
  • Individual Part Tracks
  • Track Re-pitching: +$501

Custom Tracks



  • Price varies depending on:
  • # of parts
  • length of song
  • complexity
  • rush orders
Payment required before tracks are released

Track Library

I cannot provide sheet music for any copyrighted or public domain songs. Sheet music should be purchased directly from the arranger or the Barbershop Harmony Society. My song lists include all arranger/BHS contact information for each song. Please contact these arrangers to organize payment for their hard work and talent.

1. Track Re-pitching: $50 (in addition to the cost of an existing track). I am able to use some great technology to re-pitch learning tracks to fit a group's range! Turn around time is quick. Note: The quality is much better when pitching tracks up vs. pitching tracks down. Price varies if re-recording or more editing is necessary.

Licensing Fees

Mechanical licensing fees are the responsibility of the purchaser. By purchasing learning tracks from, you agree to the responsibility of paying mechanical licensing fees for the copies that you make. You can learn about and pay mechanical licensing fees by going to the Harry Fox agency website ( Mechanical licensing fees are collected to pay royalties to the copyright owners. The current cost is 9.1 cents per copy and you must pay for a minimum of 25 copies. The minimum cost is $2.28 per song. The arranger owns the copyright on any public domain song. You will likely need to pay the copyright holder directly for public domain songs. Mechanical license fees are affordable and should be taken seriously. Please make your learning tracks legal.

Legal Notice

These recordings are the sole property of Tim Waurick and TimTracks. Illegal distribution will result in legal action.