Tim does albums.


Fly Again $15.00

  • 1. Somewhere
  • 2. Note To Self
  • 3. More I Cannot Wish You
  • 4. Til The Right One Comes
  • 5. Center Of My Joy
  • 6. Joy To The World
  • 7. Stop This Train
  • 8. You Are My All In All
  • 9. Change The World
  • 10. I Carry Your Heart With Me
  • 11. Giants In The Sky
  • 12. It Had To Be You
  • 13. When A Heart Breaks
  • 14. Fly Again

Tribute $15.00

  • 1. Come Follow The Band
  • 2. Madness
  • 3. Leaving Again-In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
  • 4. Disney Love Medley
  • 5. How Deep Is The Ocean
  • 6. Have A Little Talk With Myself
  • 7. Come Fly With Me-Fly Me To The Moon Medley
  • 8. The Way We Were
  • 9. Man Of La Mancha
  • 10. Tennessee Waltz
  • 11. There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano
  • 12. It Could Happen To You
  • 13. When The World Was Young
  • 14. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Features $15.00

  • 1. I Love Being Here With You
  • 2. Seaside Rendezvous
  • 3. My Cup Runneth Over With Love
  • 4. The Love Of God
  • 5. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  • 6. That Lucky Old Sun
  • 7. Somebody To Love
  • 8. Sure On This Shining Night
  • 9. The Age Of Worry
  • 10. Maria-Somewhere Medley
  • 11. America
  • 12. Lost
  • 13. God Only Knows
  • 14. The Gift To Be Simple
  • 15. Soliloquy
  • 16. No More Night

Higher $15.00

  • 1. Why Georgia
  • 2. Higher
  • 3. Get Away, Jordan
  • 4. Ebb Tide
  • 5. Free Fallin'
  • 6. All Rise
  • 7. Oh, Lonesome Me
  • 8. Not While I'm Around
  • 9. Nearer My God To Thee
  • 10. Marry Me
  • 11. Lux Aurumque
  • 12. Higher And Higher
  • 13. No More Night

TimTracks $15.00

  • 1. Haven't Met You Yet
  • 2. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
  • 3. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
  • 4. That Lonesome Road
  • 5. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
  • 6. Hide And Seek
  • 7. Straighten Up And Fly Right
  • 8. Kyrie
  • 9. Five Foot Two
  • 10. He Will Carry You
  • 11. Sleep
  • 12. Everything
  • 13. Go Down Moses
  • 14. Fly To You

Album Reviews

"LOVE the cd man......track 3 (Daniel) is one of the greatest things I have ever heard......I can't stop listening to it.......thanks so much for sharing that with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE DA MAN"
"I'm listening to Tim Waurick's new CD that I just got in the mail... Un-stinkin-believable. He is so talented"
"Honestly, this is a must listen for anybody that appreciates talent and beauty in music."
"Just go to the site, listen to some of the samples, and tell me that you don't want to hear it all. I dare you!"
"Tim, your CD is the best a cappella album I have ever heard."
"Tim - your CD is amazing. There aren't enough superlatives to describe it! From pitch, to rhythm, to emotion it's all there. An outstanding job! I want to give out several as gifts."
"A friend lent me her copy of Tim Tracks... WOW! I can hardly breathe...blown away!"
"Your new cd is the best cd I have ever heard. It's amazing"
"I received the TimTracks CD in the mail today.....Thank you so much. It is wonderful :-)"
"Dude, just listening to your album and loving it. Thanks for sharing the music. P.S. How many lungs do you have?"
"Your album is one of the most inspirationally amazing works of art I have ever been exposed to in my life. Your voice is a blessing to us all."
"Hey, Tim, you da man!! Great job with your first release. Absolutely top draw, to be expected. Thanks for gracing us with fabulous renditions. Move over, Take Six, take THIS!"
"So are freakin incredible.. *drool*"
"Just wanted you to know, I purchased your CD in Philly. I continue to listen to it just about everyday. It's truly a masterpiece. Hope you have a second one in the making."
"Funny story...I was giving my kids a bath tonight and told them that Mommy's chorus and quartet were going to be singing at our church tomorrow. My 4-year old replied with "what about Tim Waurick...will HE be there?" Needless to say, they love your CD as much as I do - especially Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel!"
"That ah...52 second post on your album made me hate you a bit. :) Just sayin."
"Tim, so great to see you unexpectedly last Saturday night and get my "personally autographed" copy of Tim Tracks. Totally moved by He Will Carry You. Awesome!"
"Hello Tim, My brother ordered your CD. It came in the mail today and I must say, it is amazing! Thank you for sharing you amazing talent with the rest of us! "
"Keep up the amazing work, man."
"Love the album, Tim! Great music selections!"
"Hey, just picked up your album, Incredible!! Many of the GNU and myself just want to say thanks for making something so fantastic... killer post by the way!"
"Tim - I have been listening to Tim Tracks CD today (For about the third time!) - What a friggin' awesome CD! You ARE the man! BTW... your Dad can sing - If I was your mama I'd slap you for saying he doesn't sing! Well done, truly! If others haven't purchased yet - don't know what they are waiting for! Another Note... ...I have said for a while now that Jordan Litz is one of the best leads in the business; you guys need to put together a Quartet!"
"Hi there! I've been a barbershopper for 20 years, thanks to my parents starting me so young! I absolutely LOVE your CD, especially He Will Carry You with your Mom. How awesome! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents!"
"TIMMY !!! I just opened my CD player to take a listen to your new CD, removed my Eric Whitacre CD, then looked over your playlist. When I saw "Sleep" I nearly did a backflip! Of course I skipped directly to track 11 to hear a great artist perform one of my all time favorite choral works. This is going to be a great weekend. Humble thanks for the inspiration."
"Tim, your new CD is AWESOME. Thanks for giving me something wonderful to listen to while driving back and forth to Brothers rehearsal."
"Singing along with Tim Waurick's CD is a great way to relax before work."
"So I know everyone's been leaving your comments about your cd and you may be tired of hearing about it... (maybe not..) but I couldn't resist telling you that the song with your mom made me cry. lol. I can't imagine being asked to sing with my son one day.. she must have been so touched. Very special. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift Tim."
"My mom mailed me your cd today!!! I am very excited! Steve had it on when I came home from work and I immediately knew it was you. Some voices you never forget.....I haven't listened all the way through yet. But, so far, it sounds really great. I think "Kyrie" is my favorite so far. Great work Tim!!! One of these days I really hope to hear Vocal Spectrum in person. It is killing me that I have never heard you guys!! Take care! :-)"
"Now that I've spent about 8 consecutive hours listening to your Cd, I can safely say that it is nothing short of amazing. Your performance, here, marks the level of perfection every vocal ensemble should aspire to reach. Precision, perfect harmony, passion: It's all there. You can use that as one of those testimonials if you like lol. Really though, it's just fantastic, and thanks so much. You do realize that this means you have to do another one, don't you? ^_^"
"Hey Buddy! Listened to your cd and it sounded AWESOME. Real proud of you Tim, keep up the great work =)"
"Tim, Love the new "Tim Tracks" cd. I shared it this evening at chorus practice with "Five Foot Two". They loved it. Congratulations."
"Ahh. Tim Waurick's CD is so great! :))) I love 'That Lonesome Road'... goosebumps?!"
"Tim, I am very proud of you. The CD is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us."
"Hi Tim, thanks for recording a great CD. It`s gonna be one of my favorites."
"I just have to tell you (like everyone else) that I LOVE the cd! my favorite is Kyrie :-)"
"Thanks so much for the CD! I'm listening to it right now and am about halfway through (so far my favorite is Hide and Seek, but they all have been a pleasure to listen to)!"
"I just thought you should know that my 16 year old brother (that does not sing barbershop) just uploaded Tim Tracks on his x-box so that he can listen to it while he plays. WOW. hahaha!!"
"Tim Waurick's new multitrack CD is amazing!"
"Tim...CD is fantastic! Loving it! Congrats."
"Tim, thanks for the CD! Words fail me (which is quite unusual actually) but it really is superb. My favorite so far... Hide and Seek. Thanks again."
"Just listened to your CD and it's freakin awesome."
"Hey Tim, Your new album is fantastic and I can't stop listening to it"
"Awesome CD man! I enjoyed it on the ride home from Philly!!!!"
"Got your album today when I got back from London! Great, fantastic and Amazing!!! :)"
"I am completely obsessed with your cd, Tim. It's fantastic!!"
"TIM! man..every time I hear you I'm completely blown away, and the new album is sweet!"
"Hey Tim! Would just like to say your CD is freekin awesome! Keep it up!"
"Got my album last week. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the talent you have been so blessed with!!"
"Tim, got your album on Saturday and haven't stopped listening to it. I should probably get some work done! Anyways, great work as always."
"Hey, fantastic album. I figure, with your signature, my album will be worth thousands in 2 years."
"Got your CD today! Thanks, man. It's awesome. :)"
"Tim, Listened to your cd from Philadelphia to Richmond today. GREAT product. What a cd! What a talent you are, Tim! One of my favorites when you duet with your mom!"
"WOOHOO my Tim Tracks CD by Tim Waurick just arrived in the mail!!! Thanks SO MUCH Tim - and for signing it!! Listening to it right now.. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!"
"Hey Tim. Have listened to your CD about 5 or 6 times. AMAZING!!! Love The Lonesome Road and Hide and Seek."
"Tim, Your CD made it safely across the pond......It's awesome!....many thanks."
"Tim, love your new album, it is even more than I'd hoped for. Loved your duet with your mom. Is it true that she taught you how to hold those LONG notes? Hope you sell a Gazillion. Love you a Ton."
"Tim, the CD is amazing! I'm happy I ordered it! Keep up that great voice!"
"The post on "5 Foot 2" is just sick. You totally rock Tim!!"
"Hi Tim! I received your CD in the mail today! My son and I listened to the whole thing. Wow! Amazing bro! I linked your webpage on my FB page so people could go straight to it and buy it. Everyone needs it! Thanks Tim!!"
"This CD is fantastic, you have an unbelievable talent! Keep up the amazing work, can't wait for the next CD to come out!"
"Got the cd in the mail. Awesome stuff man!"
"Hey Tim! I just got your CD in the mail today and impressed is a word that doesn't even come remotely close to describe it. Excellent work my friend. You truly are blessed."
"I LOVE your recording of Go Down Moses wow.."
"OMG!!!!! Just got my "Just Tim".....tore it open and have been listening all afternoon!!!!! Can't even pick a favorite yet....they're ALL GREAT!!!!!"
"Just finished listening to the whole CD. Sleep is absolutely AMAZING!"
"Cracking CD, Tim. Thanks :-)"
"You haven't lived until you've heard Eric Whitacre's "Sleep" done entirely by Tim Waurick. SERIOUSLY. Check out the new Tim Tracks."
"You are so talented, Tim. What extraordinary music! My boys were thrilled to meet you at Internationals and thought it was "cool" that you signed our CD."
"Yeah, it's everything I thought it would be. Nothing but awesomeness. In the words of Joe Connelly...Mighty Awesome!"
"Love the CD - too bad you can't clone yourself and be your own quartet!"
"Just got my copy of TimTracks in the mail. Absolutely incredible! I know what's gonna be on repeat in my iTunes for the next week."
"Dear Michael Buble, you seem like a very nice guy. I'm sorry but Tim's "Haven't met you yet" is by far my favorite of the two: more feeling, better sound. These things happen. Love, a Tim fan."